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    In autumn, when the air is dry, people will pay attention to skin moisturizing. In fact, Schnauzer dogs also need to moisturize their skin in autumn. Here are some tips for you to share.

    The skin of Schnauzer should also be moisturized. In autumn, some diseases or dry skin will be caused by dry air. Parents can add fatty acids to the food to improve the problem of Schnauzer’s dry skin. A simple way to tell you is to add a little vegetable oil (such as corn oil or olive oil) to the dog food of the Schnauzer Dog, just add 1 / 2 teaspoon to the dinner of the Schnauzer Dog, so you will see obvious results after 6 weeks, but first tell the dog owners that you must first make sure that your gastrointestinal digestion function of the Schnauzer Dog is healthy.

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