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    The living conditions of the newborn puppies changed dramatically and their adaptability to the outside world was weak from the direct supply of nutrition by the blood circulation of the placenta of the mother to their independent intake of nutrients. Therefore, in the care of newborn puppies, we should pay special attention to the following points:
    1. To prevent cord sprain of puppies, we should pay attention not to drag the cord too long, to prevent the puppies from being pulled, and it will fall off automatically in a certain time. During this period, observe the change of puppies’ umbilical cord, do not make puppies suck each other to prevent infection and inflammation. Ligation should be performed if there is blood outflow from the puppies with incomplete umbilical artery occlusion or urine outflow from the puppies with incomplete urinary catheter.
    2. The living environment temperature of the first-born puppies is poor in thermoregulation due to the low temperature of the first-born puppies, and the environment temperature has a great influence on the life activities of the puppies. Especially in cold season, the production room should have heating facilities to keep the room dry. Generally speaking, 30-32 degC is suitable for puppies within one week; 27 degC is suitable for puppies within two to three weeks; 23 degC is suitable for puppies after four weeks of age. (Note: for the puppies with poor vitality or rescued by feign death, the living environment temperature shall not be too high. These puppies should have a slightly lower body temperature than healthy puppies. Because most of these puppies are lack of milk intake, when the room temperature is too high, the body’s water excretion is much, which is easy to cause dehydration.)
    3. The dog box should be large and comfortable, so that the bitch can turn around and lie down without squeezing the puppies. The master shall be on duty day and night, and strengthen the monitoring, especially for the female dog with weak maternal nature, first child and neuroticism. Keep the delivery room and the surrounding environment quiet. No strangers are allowed to watch, so as to prevent the mother dog from trampling on the pup when it is attacked and bitten. In the first 7 days after birth, it is best to use the litter box to separate the pup from the female dog, and regularly let the pup feed, so as to prevent the female dog from stepping on the pup.
    4. Use the sun to sterilize the puppies about 1 week after birth, and use the good weather with warm weather to hold the puppies outdoors and bask in the sun with the female dog, twice a day, half an hour each time. Kill bacteria on puppies, promote bone development and prevent chondrosis. Generally to about 2 weeks, puppies can open their eyes, at this time to avoid strong light stimulation, so as not to damage the eyes. After 3 weeks, the mother dog and puppies can be allowed to move in the hospital for unlimited time. About 3 weeks, the pup can be clipped once to prevent the breast of the bitch from being scratched during lactation.

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