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    Whether it is a mother dog who gives birth in a normal or broken stomach, the mother dog is very weak after giving birth. At this time, it should not only be carefully cared for, but also be greatly improved. A dog friend needs to pay attention to the following questions.

    1. After delivery, the hindquarters and breast parts of the mother dog will be stained with a lot of filth, which should be wiped with a hot wet towel to keep the body surface clean.

    2. It’s better to feed some warm water containing milk, eggs or calcium gluconate to the female dog immediately after delivery. On the one hand, it can supplement the abdominal pressure, on the other hand, it can promote the recovery of physical strength. After 5-6 hours, they were fed again. In the first few days, they were fed with nutrient rich liquid feed (such as milk, eggs, congee, etc.), and then gradually fed with dry feed one week later.

    3. Sometimes the female dog becomes very fierce due to the protection of the pup after childbirth, especially the female dog with neuroticism. Therefore, don’t let strangers visit, let alone touch the puppies with their hands, so as to avoid biting by the mother dog, or the mother dog swallows the puppies for the sake of protecting the puppies. Once the pup feeding habit is formed, it is difficult to eradicate it, and the mother dog will generally be eliminated.

    4. There will be brown mucus flowing out of the birth canal within 1-2 weeks after delivery, and then it will gradually become colorless and transparent. If the mucus is black and smelly, check whether the body temperature is normal and ask the veterinary doctor for treatment in time.

    5. Pay attention to the breastfeeding situation of female dogs. If the puppies are not breastfed, find out the reasons and take corresponding measures in time. In order to increase the amount of lactation, the female dogs with low lactation can be fed milk or pig claw soup, fish soup or pig lung soup.

    6. Some female dogs have poor motherhood and are unwilling to take care of their puppies. They must be severely scolded and forced to feed their puppies. For a mother dog who doesn’t care about her puppies, it is suggested that some measures should be taken, such as catching a puppy and making it scream. At this time, the mother dog will be in a hurry to retrieve the puppies. After so many times, it may wake up its maternal instinct.

    7. In order to stimulate puppies’ excretion, the dog must lick the puppies’ buttocks with her tongue. If the mother dog does not lick, cream can be applied near the puppies’ anus to induce the dogs to lick and help the puppies discharge meconium.

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