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    Do you know your family’s psychology? Do you know when it’s happy and when it’s depressed? Only knowing the psychology of Schnauzer clearly can we get along with it better. You can learn about Schnauzer’s psychology from the following aspects:

    1. Ears: When observing Schnauzer dogs, we should pay close attention to the changes of Schnauzer’s face, especially the ears. When Schnauzer is confident and happy, she often has erect ears, gentle eyes, straight back and firm steps. When her ears are stretched back, her steps are hesitant and her back is arched, she is lack of confidence or in a state of vigilance. At this time, it’s better not to provoke her.

    2. Tail: The position of the tail of the Schnauzer is also an important mood vane. The tail up and down indicate whether it is confident or not, and the swing frequency shows the excitement of Schnauzer.

    3. Learning: Schnauzer will repeat the behavior that he received the reward, but the yelling may be mistaken by Schnauzer as an attractive reward, which will encourage the dog’s bad behavior.

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