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    Choosing the right place to walk the dog may be that most owners don’t pay much attention to the dog’s feet, because we don’t need to pay much attention to other issues besides the bottom hair and nail trimming. It’s true that in general, dogs rarely have problems with their feet, but their feet are the most frequent and the longest contact with the ground, so we should pay more attention to them properly. After all, after the dog’s foot injury, it has a certain impact on their actions, and even affects the dog’s health.
    1. Choose a suitable dog walking place. The dog’s own foot pad is actually very thick, so it can play a good role in protecting the foot, and only in this way can they run quickly. So in general, we can rest assured that the general gravel road will not hurt the dog’s feet, and the wear of the dog’s nails will also have some benefits. However, many roads are not as safe as we think. After all, we can’t guarantee that there won’t be nails, broken glass and other things that will hurt the dog on the road, so we should also take these issues into account when choosing a walking site for the dog. So we usually take our dogs for a walk in a familiar place. The garden and small square are good choices. The road is a more dangerous place, not only there are many unknown objects, but also once the dog is frightened and we lose control, the dog may be hit by the car.
    2. If there is a small injury, it can be handled in time. Even if we are careful at ordinary times, it is difficult to ensure that the dog will not be injured due to some accidents. Dogs are lively and active, so it is inevitable to step on dangerous goods. If the dog is really hurt, the first thing to do is not panic, but to observe the dog’s injury. Sometimes we will find the dog running happily, with blood on his paw, but he doesn’t know it. The intense excitement makes the dog forget the pain of the wound on his foot. If the wound is not big, but only slightly scratched, the dog feels good, generally does not need too much treatment, we can use physiological saline to wash the wound for the dog, and then do a simple disinfection measures. If it’s just a slight injury, you can clean the wound properly.
    3. You need to pay more attention when the dog doesn’t dare to land on his leg. If you find that the dog curls up one foot and doesn’t dare to land on the ground, and only uses the other three legs to support himself, then the dog’s curled up foot must be injured, because landing on the leg will cause them pain, so they dare not land on the ground. But the injury doesn’t have to be under the foot. At this time, as a parent, you can’t take it lightly. The most important thing is to find out how the dog is injured. When some owners saw the dog was injured, they grabbed the injured foot in a hurry and wanted to see it carefully. The feeling of loving the dog is understandable, but this rash approach is not advisable. The foreign body that stabbed the dog may still exist in the wound. If the dog’s wound is not touched carefully, some dogs will be unable to help biting, and the parents will be injured instead. The right way to deal with it is to call the dog over and let a parent pacify the dog and control the dog’s head so that it can’t bite. Another person will observe the wound on the foot. If there is no wound on the surface, most of the bone is damaged. It’s better to go to the hospital and take a picture directly. If there is a wound, do a simple treatment to the wound first, and then observe whether there is any foreign body in the wound. If the foreign body is obvious, you can carefully clamp it out with tweezers, and then bandage the wound with gauze. Then observe the dog’s condition. If so, send them to the hospital for examination.

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