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    It is necessary to stimulate the excitement of dogs and dog games before playing games. We can add some training in the process of playing games, so as to correct some bad habits of dogs. And in the process of playing with dogs, it can also enhance the emotion between us and dogs, which is very helpful to improve the obedience of dogs.

    1. Notice of throw and receive game
    First, arouse the interest of dogs. Shake the game items to be thrown and received, maybe Frisbee or ball, etc. in front of dogs, make dogs excited and interested in this item, so that dogs can pick up the items faster after we throw them out. However, it should be noted that not all items can be used for the game. Those sharp and fragile items are better not to be used to avoid hurting the dog.
    Start from a short distance. When you start training your dog, don’t throw it too far away, just a little closer. First make sure that the dog can pick it up and return it to you. If the dog won’t give it to us in its mouth, you can grab it, then give the dog a little encouragement, or give some rewards.
    The tone is soft, and you need to identify with the dog. If the dog quickly picks up the things we throw out and gives them to us, you need to encourage the dog. The tone should be soft and touch the dog’s body.
    There should be enough activity space and the playing area for dogs should not be too small. There should be enough running space. Let the dog in play at the same time can also get moderate exercise.

    2. What are the benefits of playing with dogs.
    To make the relationship between dogs and their owners closer. The game is not only a process for dogs to play, but also a process for owners to communicate with dogs. When playing, the owner is bound to give out some commands, and the dog will respond accordingly after hearing these commands, which is also a training process. Dogs also become close to their owners because their owners play games with them. The game is a good way to promote the relationship between the owner and the dog.
    The owner and the dog can get a proper amount of exercise. In the process of dog playing, it just gives us a chance to exercise, which is very helpful to our health. Dogs can also get some exercise and avoid obesity.
    Keep happy. Whether it’s going out for a walk or playing the game of throwing frisbee and ball, the dog’s mood is very dull, which is also very important for his physical and mental health. If he stays at home all day, it has a great negative impact on his health. The same dog’s good performance will make us excited, and also make us forget the bad things for a while. So it is also good for our physical and mental health.
    We can observe the dog in the process of playing. It’s also an opportunity to understand some problems of the dog. Playing with the dog is also an opportunity to observe the dog. We can learn a lot of important information through playing. For example, we can better understand the dog’s hobbies and personalities, and know what behaviors the dog likes and dislikes. But also to understand how the dog’s physical condition, healthy dogs play more than half full of energy. If the dog is always unhappy, it may be physical discomfort.

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