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    Proper feeding game can discover some bad habits of dogs. Besides doing some outdoor activities, we can also entertain some boring work. For example, we can make feeding fun, so that when dogs want to eat, they also need to find ways to get their own food, which is good for their intelligence development.

    1. We can make the dog excited by feeding. If time is enough, we can spread a meal in different places, and then let the dog find food by himself. Every time the dog finds a food, he can give a reward or touch the dog. The reward food should not be too much, so as to avoid the dog eating too much.
    2. Finish the feeding game indoors. If there is no big yard at home, then finish the feeding game indoors, which will not have much impact on the dog. We can first put the dog in another room, then hide some food where the dog can find it, then let the dog in and give the order to search. At first, we can put the food where they are easy to find, wait for the dog to understand the rules of the game and become proficient, then gradually improve the difficulty of the game. Before the game, it’s better to put some dangerous and fragile articles and appliances in order to prevent the dog from damaging them in the process of searching or eating by mistake, so as to affect the health and safety of the dog. It’s good for improving the intelligence of dogs.
    3. It can provide some automatic feeding toys for dogs. If you don’t want to let dogs walk around, we can provide automatic feeding toys for dogs to complete feeding games, such as missing food ball, wobbler, etc. With exercise, dog food will be spilled out and the dog will be able to get food. On the one hand, wobbler can be used as a tableware to prolong the feeding time of the dog and help the dog better digest the food. Most importantly, in the process of playing, the dog’s body and intelligence can be exercised.
    4. What are the benefits of feeding game? Relatively speaking, feeding is a boring but necessary work. Some dogs may feel bored because they repeat one thing for a long time. So it may be helpful for their feeding habits to have a feeding game once in a while. In addition, it has been said before that dogs usually eat fast, so eating a lot of food is not conducive to the digestion of dogs. After the feeding game, it can effectively slow down the feeding speed of the dog. This will ensure that the dog can better digest the food before eating. Different games are different challenges for dogs. In addition to making eating more interesting, good feeding games can also improve the intelligence of dogs. At the same time, when we let the dog play games, we can observe the dog’s wrong behaviors, and once we find out, we can immediately criticize and stop them. It’s also great for dogs to correct their daily behavior.

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