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    This kind of kennel needs to be cleaned regularly. We can’t always let dogs sleep on the floor when they are free. It may not be a problem in summer, but in winter, it’s easy for dogs to catch cold and diarrhea. Besides, it’s not good for dog excretion training to keep the dog sleeping outside all the time. So it is very important to prepare a suitable nest for the dog.

    The most common one is the kennel made of rattan and sponge. It is suitable for small dogs to live in. There is a slightly higher edge around it. There is a gap for convenient access. The dog sleeps in the middle like being surrounded, feeling warm and safe. It can not only bring the fragrance of cedars to the room, but also prevent fleas and other parasites from breeding. Dog kennels should also be placed in a particular place. It’s better to put them in a place where people don’t often walk around, so as not to disturb them and let them rest quietly. After all, dogs need much longer sleep time than we do. Getting enough sleep is also good for dogs’ health.

    Home made kennel can be used in small wooden boxes, baskets, cardboard boxes, etc. the inner and outer surfaces and edges should be smooth, and there should be no sharp things such as nails, so as not to scratch the dog; the size of the kennel should be based on its limbs being able to stretch freely. Put blankets and cloth on the bottom layer, and often change them for drying. When changing the bed sheets, you should leave a little smell of them so that they can’t find their own nest. Pay attention not to use feathers as bedding, because dogs will tear them up when they are bored, making the room messy. If they swallow feathers, it will cause indigestion.

    The basic principle of building outdoor kennel is to choose a place with a slightly higher terrain, warm in winter and cool in summer, and ventilated and dry. It can be arranged near the gate, in the corner of the yard and other places, so that it can serve as a guard. A small window should be opened in the kennel to facilitate ventilation and lighting; the length should be a little longer than 2 times of its body length; the ceiling should have a certain height, if you can hang an electric light in the ceiling, it will be better, and in summer, you can also hang electric mosquito repellent incense.

    A dog’s nest doesn’t need to be large enough in height and width to allow it to come in and out freely. Make a curtain in winter. When it’s warm in the day, it can also be rolled up. The roof at the entrance and exit should be slightly longer, so that it’s not easy for rain or snow to drift into the house. After the kennel is built, a wooden bed should be made inside for it to sleep, so that it won’t catch cold due to sleeping on the concrete ground. The size of the bed is better for the dog to stretch his limbs horizontally and vertically. There should be some bedding grass on the bed. In order to keep soft and dry, it is necessary to turn over and change it frequently. To prevent fleas, put some fresh pine leaves or dried ferns on its bed.

    If you just build a dog’s Kennel indoors, you can simply DIY it with some clothes you don’t wear at ordinary times, but such kennel needs to be cleaned regularly and exposed to the sun, otherwise it is easy to breed mites and bacteria, so that the dog can be infected with skin diseases. If you have your own yard to build an outdoor kennel, you should pay attention to that it doesn’t have to be very large, but it can’t make the dog feel crowded. A smaller kennel gives the dog a sense of security.

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