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    Many parents who have been to a pet hospital should have seen how sad it is for dogs with skin diseases, not only in Alaska, but also in any breed of dogs. Since it’s so hard, can we find a way to prevent skin diseases from the beginning? How to prevent the occurrence of skin diseases in Alaska?

    Parents can try the following ways:
    1. To keep the dog dry and clean: every time you bathe or get wet by rain, you must dry the dog’s body in time; after you go out, you’d better clean up the four limbs. Because the dog’s lower abdomen and four limbs are most likely to contact the ground. In this way, the dog’s body can be prevented from being wet and become a hotbed of bacteria.

    2. Don’t go to the grass with high vegetation, and don’t play with the dog who may have skin disease.

    3. Appropriate supplement of vitamin B can greatly improve skin resistance. There are many pet specific vitamins for parents to choose. At the same time, some egg yolk can also be replenished.

    4. Do not give your dog seafood, cheese or other foods, which will stimulate mites.

    5. Keep the dog kennel mat clean and dry. The dog’s sleeping nest should be often dried (it’s better to disinfect it regularly).

    6. Use less carpet in the room. It is easy for mites to hide in the carpet, and comb the dog’s hair frequently.

    7. If possible, you can prepare some skin care products for dogs. Like humans, dogs also have professional products to help skin care and hair beauty, such as lecithin, fish oil and seaweed powder. Choosing professional and guaranteed products is also a performance of being responsible for dogs.

    Alaska is a large dog, so it will be more difficult to clean the body than a small dog. However, parents still have to insist on cleaning Alaska. They may be tired in the early stage, but the health and long-term companionship of the dogs in return.

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