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    A good tooth is very important for pets, they rely on it to chew food to help digestion, but also rely on the teeth to tear. But the problem of dental calculus is often bothering dogs. In some dogs, even if the calculus is treated, the gap between the teeth will be too large and the teeth will become loose. How to prevent the calculus of dog teeth?

    It is our most concerned about problem that making the dog have a good tooth. Usually, they need to clean their mouth with normal saline regularly. If there is slight calculus, you can take a clean and soft towel dip in normal saline and gently wipe it back and forth until it is firm. If it is a serious stone, it should be sent to a pet hospital for cleaning.

    As for how to prevent calculus, the key is diet. For the feeding food can not be too soft, too soft food is easy to get stuck in the teeth, for a long time, more and more food accumulation is the cause of dental calculus. And hard food can also help dogs grind their teeth, which is not easy to cause accumulation. Although there are some diseases we can’t avoid, we can do well as long as we are careful.

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