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    There are many kinds of allergens that can be effectively reduced by a good living environment. If it is not such a good judgment of allergies as vaccination or eating food, it is basically difficult for us to determine what the allergens are. The severity of anaphylaxis can be large or small. For mild anaphylaxis, one injection of desensitization needle can be used. For severe anaphylaxis, it may directly threaten the life safety of dogs. Therefore, when the dog is found to have allergies, it is necessary to send the dog to the hospital for examination as soon as possible. Of course, it is also necessary to take corresponding anti allergy measures at ordinary times.

    1. Keep good ventilation habits indoors, which can effectively reduce the amount of dust in the room. A few dogs may be allergic to dust and other small substances.
    2. Try to select materials that are not easy to penetrate, and avoid materials that are easy to retain dust and debris, such as cloth curtains, bedding and carpets. Carpet can carry 100 times more allergens than floor. If the carpet cannot be removed, it should be cleaned frequently.
    3. Sofa cover, bedding, curtain, dog’s nest and toilet should be changed regularly. Using micro filter on vacuum cleaner can clean allergens more effectively.
    4. The dog can be groomed outdoors, so that the scurf and coat can be left outside to ensure the indoor environment is clean and sanitary.
    5. Bathe the dog regularly, and the allergen on the dog is no less than that on the outside. Although foreign countries have developed products that can reduce allergens by spraying on animal fur, research shows that it is more effective to bathe dogs regularly. According to an American allergy and asthma expert, using some professional products every day can achieve the same effect by wiping off the saliva and dandruff on the dog. It is not necessary for the dog who is afraid of water to bear the pain of bathing. Generally, the frequency of bathing should not be more than 10 days. If the dog is found to have allergic symptoms, it should be sent to the hospital immediately for examination.
    6. Immunotherapy can alleviate the symptoms, but it can not be cured. Doctors will try to reduce the sensitivity of the patient’s immune system to animals. Through some injection treatment, the body will be stimulated to produce antibodies, lock allergens and avoid allergic reactions. Patients are usually treated once a week. After several weeks or months, they can be injected once a month.
    7. other desensitization treatments also include steroid and antihistamine sprays, congestive drugs, eye drops or tablets. Asthma patients can be treated with drugs, spray and inhalers. Studies have shown that antioxidants, such as vitamin C and vitamin E, are important in reducing allergies. Basically, all dogs have their own allergens, so if the owner is not sure that the dog is allergic to those items, he can take the dog to have an allergen test. Now some hospitals have been able to carry out this work. After finding the allergen for the dog, the owner should try not to let the dog touch these things. We know that dogs always like to chew and bite at random, which is easy for them to contact with allergens. In addition to keeping dogs away from allergens as much as possible, we also need to train dogs to avoid the habit of biting at sight. Stop dogs as soon as they are found to have similar conditions.

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