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    Dogs also play tricks. Actually, dogs are not as kind and simple as we think. Some dogs have strong tricks. They will use innocent expression to escape the owner’s punishment. When they do something wrong, they may show an innocent look. At this time, the owner should not be deceived by their look. If we forgive them so easily, it will make them feel that no matter what they do wrong, as long as they make such an expression, they can escape the master’s punishment.
    Puppies will have the habit of biting things when they change teeth. This is because the roots of their teeth will itch and make them uncomfortable. In order to alleviate this discomfort, they will bite things to solve it. At this time, we need to provide a molar bar to relieve the discomfort and prevent our furniture and articles from being damaged by dogs. But some dogs just go back to chew things for fun. When the owners find out this situation and want to criticize it, they may find that they are looking at you with a very innocent expression, which makes many owners feel soft.
    It’s the most basic principle for dogs to have clear rewards and punishments, but if we ignore dogs like this, they won’t realize that it’s wrong. In the future, they will continue to nibble on objects, and may even bite people. Therefore, when the owners find that the dogs make mistakes, they must criticize them in time, and never be deceived by their seemingly innocent appearance. This is not because they are aware of their mistakes, but because they think it is a small trick that they can avoid the punishment of their master. Maybe we will say that dogs can’t be so smart. It’s true that such habits are not innate to dogs, but are caused by improper education methods of the owners.

    We should remember that there are clear rewards and penalties for them. Good performance should be rewarded, but mistakes should also be criticized in time, so that they can correct their own shortcomings. Blindly tolerance will only make dogs more and more careless, so as to make bigger mistakes. The basic principle of dog training is to reward right and punish wrong.

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