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    Overfeeding is often the main cause of indigestion. Dogs are usually greedy, so many times they don’t know how to control themselves, so they always refuse to give them how much food. But this kind of practice can easily lead to indigestion, which can cause diarrhea and vomiting. Therefore, if we want to avoid malnutrition, the first thing we should pay attention to is to arrange food reasonably. In addition, proper exercise can also promote digestion and absorption of dogs, which is also of great benefit to their health.
    Generally speaking, dogs will be able to eat adult dog food after 8 months, while large dogs will be a little later. For the sake of safety, some owners usually do not start to feed complete dog food until the dog is one year old. In adult dogs, the growth rate of various tissues and organs changes from high-speed growth in puppies to slow down and stop gradually. The nutritional needs of dogs include maintaining nutritional needs and specific physiological needs. Maintenance of nutritional needs refers to the amount of energy, protein, minerals, vitamins and other needs of a healthy dog when the weight of the dog does not increase or decrease, and all kinds of nutrients in the body are in a state of balance.

    Most dogs are greedy. If they only satisfy their appetite and provide food without restriction, and the nutrition they eat exceeds their maintenance needs, they will suffer from obesity and many other diseases. Therefore, the amount of adult dog food should depend on the size of the dog and the energy consumption per day. In the special physiological stage of adult dogs, the digestion and absorption of food and nutritional needs will also change accordingly.
    1. Pregnant bitch: Due to the needs of embryo development, the amount of food and nutrition level can be increased appropriately. In addition, because the uterus occupied a large amount of space in the abdomen, the stomach of the female dog could not be normally dilated. Therefore, it is better to eat less and eat more to improve the palatability of food. Although pregnant bitch needs a lot of energy, it can not be fed to the dog without restraint. Once the dog is obese, it is quite harmful for the bitch. Special physiological conditions can also lead to dyspepsia.
    2. Lactating female dogs: Not only to meet their own nutritional needs, but also to ensure the needs of lactation, the demand for nutrition and energy will suddenly increase. Therefore, in this period, it is necessary to provide the bitch with high-energy, nutritious and delicious food, and increase the quantity of food. It is also necessary to control the quantity, which can be increased, but not too much.
    3. Old dog: When the dog gets old, due to the decrease of activity, some physiological changes have taken place in the body that affect the metabolism speed, the demand for energy has declined naturally, the digestion and absorption ability of digestive organs to food has weakened, the food fed to the old dog should be good in quality, rich in nutrition and easy to chew, and it is better to make the food into semi fluid.
    4. Sick dog: Because of the disease, the appetite is decreased, and the dog should eat less and eat more, so as to provide the dog with special flavor, good palatability and easy to be digested and absorbed. It can be seen that many reasons will lead to indigestion in dogs. Reasonable control of the amount of food is the main way to improve this problem. However, there will be some differences in feeding methods under different conditions.

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