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    The coldest season of the year is certainly winter, and in the cold winter is the high incidence season of cold. At this time, the owner of the family pet poodle should pay attention to the weather changes at any time, so as to prevent the dog from getting cold due to the temperature, and getting sick is the most painful thing. So how to prevent poodle from catching cold?

    In winter, if the weather is especially cold and the wind is very strong, and there are bad phenomena such as rain, snow, ice, etc., it is recommended that you do not take the poodle dog out. If your dog is used to going out for a walk every morning and evening, and is used to defecating outdoors, then you can dress the dog when you go out, and try to take it to a dry place for a convenient and fast walk Back. When you come home, if your limbs or body are wet, you should dry them with a hair dryer as soon as possible to avoid cold. Don’t let the dog sleep on the floor in winter. Try to let the dog sleep in the kennel to ensure that the indoor temperature is not too low and the air is smooth. When the weather is sunny, you can take the poodle out for activities, enhance your health and improve your disease resistance. The sun can not only keep warm, but also promote the absorption of calcium in the poodle!

    In winter, it’s better not to give the dog raw food. Some raw food is cold and not healthy, so it’s better to ensure that the dog can eat healthy and healthy hot food every meal. It’s better if the drinking water is also warm. Take the poodle to the pet salon to take a bath regularly, wash away the stains on the body, and let the bacteria make others look more comfortable and healthy. It is worth mentioning that when taking a bath for the dog, it is better to use hot water of about 35 degC, and blow it dry in time after washing, especially the abdomen of the poodle dog, so as not to catch cold due to taking a bath. It’s also important to vaccinate poodles regularly and get rid of pests.

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