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    In the process of keeping pets, it is inevitable to encounter a variety of problems, of course, dogs sick is inevitable. But most of the time, some problems of dogs are caused by the owner’s improper breeding methods or carelessness. Now the probability of dog’s skin disease is gradually increasing, so how to prevent dog’s skin disease? There are many problems we need to pay attention to.

    When going out for a walk, some dogs like to run in the grass, and the grass is often a place where dogs have more fungi. Because many dogs will excrete in the grass when they go out for a walk, so there will be more bacteria. Therefore, it’s best to lead the dog to walk on the side of the road as much as possible, with less contact with the grass. If your dog needs to pee, you can just take him walk in the grass near the side of the road.

    Another important cause of skin infection is the bathing problem of pets. Many owners have to bathe their dogs many times a week in order to keep them clean, and even help them bathe every day. Such skin resistance in the continuous bath at the same time greatly reduced, so the frequency of bathing must not be high, and after the bath must be dried their coat, otherwise it is very easy to cause skin diseases.

    So how to prevent dogs from getting skin disease is very related to our daily care. Only when we pay attention to small things can we prevent them.

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