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    It is not a disease itself, but it is caused by the improper feeding way. Whether it’s a small dog or a large dog, obesity is not a good thing for them. Especially for the large dogs like Demu, obesity will bring great burden to their body and joints. In summer, it will make dogs uncomfortable, so in order to prevent obesity, we must pay more attention to diet, and moderate exercise is also necessary. Some organic diseases, such as thyroid dysfunction or kidney disease, have obesity in addition to other symptoms.
    However, for most dogs, improper diet has resulted in their obesity. For animals, the ability to store fat in their bodies is unique. Energy is stored in the body for a certain period of time in the form of fat in case of emergency. In this way, they can keep full of energy during hibernation or all day exercise. When the body’s food exceeds what the body needs, it becomes fat.
    For animals living with humans, they don’t actually need to store fat in their bodies, but if they eat too much, it’s not so easy to consume. Excessive obesity may also cause other diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, joint disease, fatigue and so on.
    A German shepherd dog that is raised by human beings. The food it eats depends entirely on the food provided to it by its owner or breeder. Obesity has become a social disease in human beings. However, only a few people can change their eating habits. Of course, not all dogs will suffer from obesity. The results show that older dogs and fatter female dogs are more likely to suffer from this disease. So how can we prevent and effectively lose weight for dogs. The amount of food provided to dogs is 40% less than usual. Dogs exercise the same amount as before, so that they will consume the extra fat in the body. But it will take a few months to see the obvious effect. The advantage of this method is that there is no need to mix other dog food. It’s better to do well in feeding management since childhood.
    Reduce the intake of carbohydrate. If the quantity of dog food is the same, then reduce the intake of fat and carbohydrate. This method sounds simple and will encounter difficulties in practice. On the one hand, this kind of dog food is not very delicious. On the other hand, the fatter dogs are spoiled. They are very picky and often insist on providing those used dog food. But also to slowly change over, not to often feed the dog meat. Increase the amount of exercise properly. This theory is correct, but the actual effect is not obvious. An extra hour of walking in a medium to large dog consumes only 8% of its energy. If the trainer increases the amount of exercise, the fat dog often does not have enough physical strength to complete. So don’t think that you can quickly let the dog’s weight down. Too fast weight loss methods generally have certain harm to the dog’s body, so you should do a good job of food management from childhood to prevent the occurrence of dog obesity.

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