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    If both dogs have a leash, they can get close to each other and get familiar with the fact that some dogs can get along well because their territory awareness is not very strong. In addition, their personality makes them easy to get along with each other. Other dogs, on the other hand, see each other as if they were enemies. This not only shows that the dog has a strong sense of territory, but also may be due to the dog’s lack of security. The dog will bark or even do something to solve his inner uneasiness. How to prevent two dogs from fighting when they meet is a problem that every owner should pay attention to. If a dog is in constant contact with other dogs when he is very young, rather than being forced to wear a leash and stay alone, he will have little trouble with other dogs. If the other dog doesn’t contact with other dogs often, it will gradually fall into a bad situation and want to end the dispute between the two dogs. The other dog usually accepts the suggestions of the opponent, and the two dogs will start to play friendly. But if both dogs are tough, it’s best to hold them back. If the two dogs can’t solve the conflict well, the owner should not try to separate the two dogs with his own body, especially when the dog’s body size is large, because the owner’s participation will often make the atmosphere more tense. The dog owner’s right way is to keep going his own way or in the opposite direction. Because if the owner is standing next to his dog, he will give the dog an illusion that he will be ready to fight with other dogs, rather than play with other dogs. Of course, this is in the situation of not pulling the lead rope, if there is a lead rope, then we must control the dog in time. So when we take our dog for a walk, we should not let it run too far, but should be able to follow the call of the owner at any time within a certain distance. It is best to pay attention to the surrounding situation at any time, and call the dog back to you as soon as it is in danger.
    If you encounter a fierce stray dog, you’d better not close to it. Walking around the lead rope is a very important tool in daily walking. First, it establishes a connection between people and dogs. We can tell the dog the direction we want to go through the leash, and once the dog violates the command, the leash can also play a good role in restraining, tightening the leash will make the dog feel uncomfortable, so they will obey our command. By tightening the leash, an inexperienced dog will gradually understand that its behavior is not allowed by the owner.
    In short, dogs learn to obey people’s orders by pulling ropes. Ideally, of course, a leash is not just a compulsive tool, it creates a positive connection between people and dogs. If a dog with a leash has no choice but to obey his master’s orders, there is actually no invisible intimacy between the dog and the master. But sometimes he may get in the way of the dog, because if the dog on the opposite side is not controlled by anyone, we may hurt the dog by binding the dog with a leash. So when we walk the dog, we should first observe whether the dog on the opposite side is under control. If the dog has a master, we can go forward and let the dogs know each other. After a long time, there will be less natural conflicts. If the dog is homeless, we should try to avoid contact with them, not only for the sake of the dog’s safety, but also for their health.

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