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    Husky is actually a Siberian sled dog. This kind of dog is bright, lively, beautiful and friendly, which is quite popular. We all know that Husky’s hair is rich and needs to be combed regularly. Here’s how to effectively care for Husky’s hair. Reading carefully will help you. Husky’s hair must be combed every day. In summer, take showers every 10-14 days or so; in winter, take showers every 3-4 weeks. If you comb Husky’s hair often, it will soon understand that this is the behavior that makes him comfortable, so that he will behave as obediently as you do for him. The nursing methods of Husky’s hair are as follows:
    1. Bathing: Dilute the shampoo 1:10 to keep the hair fluffy and upright. If your Husky baby is very naughty and often plays dirty on his legs and feet, it is recommended to buy another bottle of white washing essence, which is not diluted, and directly rub the original solution on the dirty parts. It is specially used to clean the white hair on the legs and feet and the dirty parts on the lower abdomen. It is strongly washed rather than bleached.

    2. Methods of blowing hair: Blowing hair once a week can also make the fur often breathe freely, even during the hair changing period, there will be no terrible holes in the body. When blowing, pay attention to the direction from the tail to the head, and dry the hair in the opposite direction. Don’t forget to carefully comb the hair near the root of the tail, otherwise it will be ugly when husky raises his tail. Of course, don’t forget about the genitals.

    3. Cosmetology tools: Needle brush, long needle can comb through and then grow thick hair. Silver bullet bristle brush. After combing through the hair, use this brush to massage the hair and skin. A calibrated sprayer can be used for washing wool liquid, or for repairing deep sea wool oil. Generally, a husky 250ml sprayer is enough.

    4. Hair care: Husky’s coat will not only become rough in the strong sun, but also cause serious bleaching and fading of hair due to oxidation. It should be noted that 35% of the weight of dog hair is water, and the muscle tissue of skin, coat and cuticle will become very fragile if the water is insufficient. At ordinary times, we should pay attention to the moisturizing care of dog hair, and avoid too long time exposure in the high-temperature sun, especially avoid drying in the sun bath after the dog takes a bath.

    For husky who often swims, he should apply a layer of Sunscreen Spray on his hair after swimming to prevent the dog hair from burning and discoloration. Daily use of anti knot spray to remove surface dirt quickly. Completely water soluble. Contains cream ingredients that make hair smooth, reduce hair breaks when combing, do not need to rinse naturally, and comb easily combs.

    Warm tips: Husky changes his hair twice a year, probably in spring and autumn. Generally speaking, on normal days, its hair loss is not serious. But on the day of changing seasons, you have to comb twice or three times a day, combing the hair that will soon fall off together, so as not to get all the houses.

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