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    We know that if the dog lacks calcium, it will cause many adverse reactions. For example, if the pup lacks calcium during tooth replacement, it may have double rows of teeth. Moreover, the dog without calcium for a long time will grow slowly, and it may have osteoporosis, rickets, etc. Therefore, how to properly supplement calcium for dogs is particularly important.

    More or less calcium supplementation is not good for dog’s health. Dogs with excessive calcium supplementation will have serious physical burden. On the contrary, dogs with too little calcium supplementation will also have decreased bone density, serious deformity of bone development and so on. So how to properly supplement calcium for dogs?

    1. Choose the right puppy food. The formula in the nutritious puppy food is for the absorption and digestion of the puppies. The composition of adult dogs is different from that of puppies, so when your dog is more than 10 months old, please replace it with dog food. In the old age, it is also necessary to change into the old dog food to meet the dog’s needs for calcium nutrition at different stages and protect the dog’s health.

    2. Consult the veterinarian first, and then you can buy special calcium tablets for dogs or children. It is generally stated that the dosage is calculated according to the weight. Of course, calcium supplement for dogs can generally take the method of dietary supplement, because dietary calcium supplement is safer than drug calcium supplement, eating normal food will not cause excessive calcium. For example, you can give dogs more bean products, shrimp skin, fish and other foods to supplement their body’s calcium nutrition.

    3. In addition to providing enough calcium and vitamin nutrition for dogs, dogs should also be guided to do more exercise and bask in the sun.

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