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    Like people, the eyes of dogs and dogs need to be protected. Especially for dogs with large eyes and a lot of lacrimal glands, it will not only change the color of the hair under the corners of the eyes, but also make the eyes of dogs bad. Today we will talk about how to protect the eyes of dogs.

    The protection method is: Use 2% boric acid cotton ball (or cold boiled water) to gently wipe from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. It is not allowed to wipe back and forth on the eyes. If one cotton ball is not enough, it can be replaced until the eyes are cleaned. After scrubbing, some dogs, such as sandskins, often have too much wrinkled skin on their heads, which makes their eyelashes grow backward.

    Inverted eyelashes can stimulate the eyeball, cause blurred vision, conjunctival inflammation and corneal turbidity in dogs. One way is to ask the veterinarian to do the operation, and then cut the dog’s eyes and drop eye drops or ointment to eliminate the inflammation.

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