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    Who can stand the hot summer without air conditioning? People need sunscreen, sun umbrella and sunglasses when they go out. But for a dog, they can’t adapt to these sunscreen tools at all. What about outdoor dogs? Following taught parents how to protect their dogs from the sun.

    1. Choose to take your dog for a walk in the cool morning or evening to avoid the hot sun.

    2. If you have to go out in the sun, you can choose the waterproof SPF15 sunscreen to apply to the dog’s hair less parts, such as the abdomen and the inner ear. However, before using the sunscreen, you’d better ask the veterinarian which kind of sunscreen is suitable, because some dogs are allergic to some ingredients of the sunscreen.

    3. If your dog is kept outdoors, it must be equipped with a sunshade, and the kennel should be placed in the shade. The kennel and sunshade should be made of white material which is less heat absorbing.

    4. When playing at the seaside, take a large beach sunshade umbrella to provide the dog with a sunshade for rest.

    5. Never leave your dog in the car on a hot day. Even if there is a small gap in the window or you only get off the car for 3 minutes, a car with a small space in the sun is like a large oven, so the dog in the car is prone to shock.

    6. When you leave your dog indoors alone, the air conditioner in your home should be turned on. If you don’t have air conditioner, remember to open the window for ventilation. When the weather is hot and sultry, you’d better turn on the electric fan, because even in the room, the dog may get sick because the air is not circulating.

    7. Whether indoors or outdoors, the drinking water for dogs should be available at any time.

    8. As for wearing sun eyes to protect the dog from the sun, it may only be possible for the dog to wear them for 10 seconds, and then they will be thrown away or damaged by the dog. Therefore, wearing sunglasses to the dog can only take an interesting photo by pressing the shutter quickly.

    9. Long haired dogs can be sent to the pet shop for shaving and cutting summer clothes.

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