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    Dogs’ eyes will also have diseases, so the owner should take more care of the dogs’ eyes in daily life, so that they can have a bright and fresh vision. Short nosed breeds (such as Bulldogs) can see a longer depth of field, while long nosed breeds (such as shepherds) have a wider field of vision. So the dog’s vision is not very good, and the dog’s skull shape and nose will also affect its vision. It is generally believed that most dogs have a slight myopia and a few have hyperopia, but the degree of myopia and hyperopia are both fundamental. When a foreign body is found in the eye of a pet dog, it should be sent to a veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible. Do not swab it out with a cotton stick or finger to avoid eye injury. In addition, dogs should be treated as soon as possible if they are found to have claws, tears, blinks, red eyes, pannus, colored secretions, or third eyelid protrusion.

    When taking a lift with a pet dog, it should be forbidden for the pet dog to put his head out of the car, so as to avoid serious injury caused by the impact of insects on his eyes. When using any product containing alcohol (such as ear cleaning agent), it is absolutely necessary to avoid touching the eyes. When dogs are bathing, avoid lotion bubbles entering the eyes.

    When washing around the eyes, they can cover the eyes and keep their heads slightly backward, so as to prevent the lotion from entering the eyes. In case the lotion enters the eye, a large number of sterile physiological salt water should be used for washing, and if necessary, a doctor should be sent.

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