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    Regular oral care for dogs many diseases began to appear slowly until the old age, but the oral problems of dogs are different. If they are not properly cared, even the younger dogs will have corresponding problems. So don’t ignore this problem. Check and clean the dog regularly to keep the dog’s mouth healthy.

    1. Breath: the initial manifestation of most oral diseases is halitosis. Dogs usually exhale, so we can easily smell whether there is a peculiar smell in their mouths. Some dogs have salivation and other related problems besides bad breath.
    2. Mucosa: the normal dog’s oral mucosa is mostly pink. Pay attention to whether the dog’s oral mucosa has red or white, bleeding, ulcer and other problems. If dogs have serious oral problems, they should be sent to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.
    3. Teeth: the part of the teeth should be checked is the integrity of the dog’s teeth, the color of the teeth, and whether there is calculus between the teeth. If the dog’s tooth surface starts to turn yellow, it may indicate the formation of plaque or calculus. If the dog has the problem of double row teeth, it is better to remove the extra teeth, otherwise the sundries will stay between the teeth, which is very easy to cause the generation of tooth stones. Dental calculus and other problems are also an important cause of bad breath in dogs. If it is found that the dog has gingivitis and cyst, it is better to go to the hospital as soon as possible for relevant inspection.

    Oral care: The main way to prevent the dog’s oral problems is to brush his teeth regularly, and the tools for brushing his teeth should be pet specific. Usually, we can provide some toys that can help clean the mouth, such as cleaning rope, biting ball, etc., and we also need to provide a tooth grinding stick to grind the dog’s teeth. Try to feed dry food. If there are meat feeders, wait for a while after eating to check whether there is meat stuck in the teeth and clean it up. In addition, we do these works to slow down the occurrence of dental calculus, which can not completely prevent the occurrence of dental calculus. So some owners say they also clean the dog’s mouth, but it’s normal for the dog to still have calculus. Moreover, there are many causes of dental calculus, and we may neglect some factors.

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