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    Dogs are very weak when they are born, just like us. Cocker dogs are also like us. They need our owners’ care when they are young. So what should we do to protect their health?

    First of all, after the birth of little Cocker dogs, the constant temperature environment in the mother comes to the external variable temperature environment. These spotless little guys have few hair and their temperature regulating function has not been fully formed, so they should do a good job in heat preservation. At the same time, Hong Kong born Cocker’s bones are very soft, standing unsteadily, mobility is inconvenient, and it is easy to be suffocated or trampled to death by mother Cocker’s oppression. At this time, the owner needs to strengthen the care. Little Cocker dogs’s bath started more than two weeks after she was born 2 months and vaccinated. It is better to wash 3 to 4 times a year for outdoor rearing and once a month for indoor rearing. Cocker dog’s skin doesn’t sweat as easily as humans do and doesn’t need to bathe regularly.
    Before bathing, let it take a walk, let it excrete urine and separate excrement, and then take a bath in sequence. The new small Cocker cards, especially those purchased from outside, because they have contact with other animals in the market, or the people who want to buy them constantly touch this and that with their hands, so as to spread the pathogenic microorganism. Therefore, the owner should take the pet to the animal hospital for examination immediately after getting it. You can ask the veterinarian to inject some serum into your baby Cocker first, and then take it home for 10 days or so. The baby Cocker is strong and adapted to the new home environment, and then take it to get vaccinated.
    Please avoid overeating for your Cocker. Feed according to the instructions on the bags or cans made by the reliable manufacturers. Some varieties of Cocker tend to be fat, but overfeeding at an early age can have a long-term effect. It is cold in winter, so the emphasis of management in this period should be put on the prevention of cold and heat preservation and respiration.
    Pay attention to cold prevention and heat preservation. Cold can be caused by rain and wind after exercise as well as the humidity of the cabaret. Serious respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and pneumonia may be secondary. The effective measures to prevent colds are to prevent cold and heat preservation, thicken the mattress, and pay attention to timely replacement, keep dry and prevent cold wind;
    When the weather is sunny and warm, strengthen the outdoor sports of Cocker, so as to strengthen the constitution of cocker and improve the disease resistance ability of Cocker. It can not only keep warm when exposed to the sun, but also disinfect and sterilize the ultraviolet rays in the sun, and promote the absorption of calcium, especially the growth and development of the bones of the infant, so as to prevent rickets of the infant.

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