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    American Bully dog is very similar to bitdog in appearance, but its character is very gentle and friendly. It is also a kind of dog that foreign friends are very keen to raise. If you train American Bully dog properly, it will be a good helper in your life. Then how to raise American Bully dog? The question of how to raise a bully is very deep.
    First of all, we should pay attention to the problem of feeding materials, try to avoid high-fat food, such as chicken butt. Although the effect of fattening is immediate, it will cause incalculable damage to the dog’s body in the long run, as well as organs such as poultry liver. It is recommended to feed occasionally, never over. Vitamin ABCDE is essential, and cod liver oil calcium tablets are also indispensable.
    Other staple foods are dog food, good chicken rack and a certain amount of meat foam. It’s absolutely important to develop the character of the American Bully before the age of one. After scientific education, they can show great respect for the dogs around them. American Bulldogs need a positive and very regular owner. They are not suitable for passive or passive owners, because they absolutely need some rules to restrict them to know clearly what they should do and what they should not do. They are a kind of dogs born to accept orders. When people live with American bullies, we must become their complete leaders and make clear and correct instructions and regulations. In front of them, the only way to conquer them is absolute leadership and absolute seriousness.

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