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    Champagne D’Argent is a kind of meat-used rabbit. It is relatively large in size and high in weight. It is relatively rare in my country’s breeding. It is originally produced in French Champagne, so it is named Champagne D’Argent. Champagne D’Argent coat color has changed, mainly because the coat color is getting lighter and lighter.

    Morphological characteristics of Champagne D’Argent

    Champagne D’Argent coat is gray, the ears are erect, not drooping, not wide and thick. Because of the melanin in the body, the eyes are black, the head is larger, the hair is shorter, the three-petal mouth looks obvious, and the hind limbs and tail are short.

    Champagne D’Argent ears are erected in proportion to the body, and the nose part has black hair. The original color was black, but later it slowly changed to silver gray. The standard weight is 9-12 kg. It is one of the large rabbits. It has black eyes, large head and ears, and thick and shiny coat.

    The Champagne D’Argent has a bright and upright figure and is well balanced. Breeding Champagne D’Argent must be patient and master the correct breeding methods, so that they have the opportunity to show their beautiful upright posture. Because they are a positive bunny, they don’t need too much urging to show off their charming side when showing. We need to guide these cute animals to show their greatest advantage. Champagne D’Argent are exhibited all over the world. Compared with other rabbits, it has a more complete breed standard.

    Feeding Point of Champagne D’Argent

    Many people think that rabbits should eat carrots. In fact, this is a long-term solidified thinking. In fact, Champagne D’Argent who eat vegetables for a long time are prone to stinking, and they are also prone to disease and death. So, what exactly should Champagne D’Argent eat? In fact, the simplest way of feeding is rabbit food, pasture and water.

    There are many benefits of eating rabbit food. One is that it is not smelly. The rabbit food contains all the nutrients needed by Champagne D’Argent, including calcium, protein, crude fiber and so on. At the same time, it can also grind the teeth that have been growing throughout the life, so that the teeth will not grow too long. Rabbit food can be produced on your own in more professional farms. For 20 yuan, you can buy a dozen catties, which is enough to eat for half a year. And cold water is what Champagne D’Argent want to drink, and there is an unlimited supply, especially Champagne rabbits who eat rabbit food, they drink a lot of cold water (an adult Champagne rabbit needs about 200ml a day).

    Secondly, Champagne D’Argent also need to eat some forage without water. Eating grass can help Champagne D’Argent gastrointestinal peristalsis and maintain normal flora activities in the stomach to ensure the normal operation of the Champagne D’Argent digestive system. In addition, the pastures are also needed by Champagne D’Argent. The crude fiber and nutrition. The last snack of Champagne D’Argent is carrots and vegetables that most people think are staple foods, but they have to be limited every day and cannot be given more. One or two slices of vegetables and a small piece of carrot are enough to give the rabbit enough vitamins.

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