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    Colisa lalia is about 5-6cm long, beautiful and gorgeous in appearance, with orange, turquoise, red and silver body colors. The color of the tail fin edge is orange. Colisa lalia, originated in India and Bangladesh, is a very popular ornamental fish. Is Colisa lalia easy to keep? How to raise Colisa lalia?

    Colisa lalia is timid and very gentle. You can place stones or rockeries in the aquarium. They are also more afraid of light, so they are safer to hide in the rockery. The suitable growth temperature is about 23-26 degC, pH value is 6.8-7.2. The water temperature limit is 21-30 degC. You can buy heating sticks. Colisa lalia will grow in the right temperature. The color will be more gorgeous and the fish will be healthier. Usually can feed some red line insect or water flea and small pellet feed, do not feed too full oh. If you want to keep the Colisa lalia gorgeous, you can buy the coloring food.

    Colisa lalia like clean old water and do not need to change water frequently. It is better to install a water purification system. If the water is changed, it needs to be dried for 2-3 days to remove chlorine before use.

    Colisa lalia is a kind of tropical fish that spits bubbles and builds nests. It likes to build ovaries in half light and half dark. The male fish is responsible for the construction of bubble nests. After entering the breeding box, the male chooses the location to build the bubble nest. The bubble nest is made of saliva, which is usually built next to a water grass leaf floating on the water surface. In general, it’s better to introduce the parents into the breeding box before the period when the male and female fish are really estrous, so that they can get along with each other for a period of time and feed them with live bait, so that the female can naturally cope with the estrous chase behavior of her spouse in the future, and avoid being pecked by the acute spouse.

    It’s not difficult to raise Colisa lalia after mastering the right and scientific method.

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