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    The origin of the Creme D’Argent is France. The cCreme D’Argentt is an ancient breed in France, and then gradually introduced to the United States. In the United States, it has been artificially genetically modified and turned into the Creme D’Argent we see now. Creme D’Argent’s fur is cream-colored, so it is also called cream rabbit.

    Morphological Characteristics of Creme D’Argent

    The appearance of the Creme D’Argent is like a piece of butter, because the Creme D’Argent’s hair is very soft and creamy, so everyone calls it the Creme D’Argent. The rabbit has wide and upright ears, which is a bit similar to the appearance of the champagne rabbit. .

    The morphological characteristics of the Creme D’Argent: The adult body weight of the Creme D’Argent can reach 3.8-5kg, and the hair grows very thick. Except for the milky white hair on the belly, the other parts of the body have very beautiful orange-silver hair, and the mouth and nose. The portion will be darker, but will become lighter when it grows up, and the eyes will be brown.

    The weight of the Creme D’Argent is about four to five kilograms. Compared with the champagne rabbit, the Creme D’Argent is smaller in size; the eyes are brown, the body is medium-length, the limbs and shoulders are well muscled, the coat color is silver orange, and the undercoat is bright orange. The outer coat is orange-spotted and silvery white, the abdomen is creamy, and the coat on the nose and mouth is darker and will gradually become lighter as it grows up.

    The history of the Creme D’Argent: It originated in France. In the 1800s of the Middle Ages, the Creme D’Argent was developed, but which rabbit species its ancestors originated from, there is not much evidence to prove it, and it is currently known It is very similar to the Champagne Rabbit and also originated in France. In 1877, the relevant information about the Butter Rabbit was circulated in Paris, France. In 1934, the Butter Rabbit was introduced to the United States and was also cultivated locally. Work, appeared in a certain rabbit show in 1936, only two years later in the United States has a set of standards.

    Tips for Raising Creme D’Argent

    There are many food choices for Creme D’Argent. Some grass, hay, vegetables, fruits, etc. can be used as Creme D’Argent food, but these foods have certain drawbacks. The simplest and most convenient food is rabbit food.

    1. What can Creme D’Argent eat? Carrots, sweet potatoes, cabbage (cabbage), cucumbers, radish leaves, pumpkins, green vegetables. When feeding vegetables, they must be washed and drained before feeding. Oranges, bananas, grapes, apples, strawberries. When feeding fruit, the rabbit’s drinking water should be appropriately reduced to regulate the absorption of water. Shepherd’s purse, plantain, dandelion, chickweed. Tofu residue, bread.

    2. Foods that Creme D’Argent cannot eat: Stimulating vegetables such as onions, leeks, garlic, etc. should not be fed to rabbits. In addition, chocolate is prone to food poisoning, so it should be absolutely avoided. In addition, in addition to some plant-based feeds, animal feeds should not be eaten by rabbits, such as pork, chicken, etc. Rabbits can eat these foods, but they can cause health problems.

    3. Recommendations for Creme D’Argent diet: It is not easy to equip rabbits with enough nutritious vegetables every day, so it is more convenient to buy ready-made special rabbit food for feeding. The nutritional formula in the special rabbit food is very comprehensive, just add some grass, vegetables and fruits appropriately. Most of the special rabbit foods contain deodorizing substances, so that even if your rabbits are kept in the bedroom, you will not feel any peculiar smell. There are also hard foods for rabbits to grind their teeth, which can prevent rabbits from growing too long.

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