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    Doberman has a lively personality, is friendly to human beings, and is deeply loved by people. The new baby Doberman needs breast milk and better care. Many parents are anxious to bathe their puppies shortly after they are born, and the final result of bathing is that the puppies get sick. So how to raise Doberman puppies?

    1. Adequate nutrition. Breast milk contains a lot of nutrients, as well as antibodies, which can increase the dog’s resistance, nutrition will meet the dog’s healthy growth in one month. If the breast milk is not enough, you can find another nurse, or artificial feeding, and buy a special milk powder for dogs to feed Doberman, mainly do not use milk. After weaning, it’s best to feed dog food. Four times a day, ten soft dog food at a time. Add some dog milk powder if possible.
    2. Immunization should be carried out on time. Three in 20-45 days, and six in 45 days. Then every 20 days, one in three and six in rabies. Try not to take a bath, if you have to wash, also want to dry as soon as possible, and then thoroughly dry hair with a hair dryer. Don’t sleep directly on the ground. Keep warm. Little Doberman dog can’t digest well. Don’t feed people. Do not give milk to drink, indigestion, easy to diarrhea, to drink clean cold boiled water. When vaccinating Doberman puppies, it’s better to give them a physical examination before they are vaccinated. In addition, dogs also need insect repellent, which should be staggered with the time of vaccine, or the efficacy will be offset.

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