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    The Flame Turtle is a kind of turtle that is easy to be confused in appearance. It has similarities with the western painted tortoise, the Pseudemys concinna and the Florida red-bellied turtle. Of course, the breeding methods can also learn from each other. The flame tortoise is the most beautiful one. The species is the red-bellied flame turtle. The young turtles are more lively and grow faster. They are relatively easy to breed.

    How to raise Flame Turtle?

    1. Purchase Points: A healthy tortoise carapace is hard and intact, the eyes are bright and wide, the nostrils are clean and flowing, the back of the head and limbs can be stretched freely, will compete for food, and some will climb on other tortoise carapace to rest. Put it in the water and it will sink well. In short, choose a lively and energetic turtle. When a person approaches the basin, whether it tries to escape by diving, swimming or diving, turtles with clogged nostrils or swollen eyes are all over their lifespan. Don’t buy it. The majority of healthy tortoise shells are uninjured and have a uniform shape. If you feel that the tortoise shell is “soft” when you touch it, you have cartilage. You can feed some feed, pay attention to see which one eats first, which can also judge their health. It is better to be cautious with turtles who refuse to eat feed. As for the appearance of the flame tortoise, it is hard to find. The carapace has clear lines and no variegated plastron. You can make more choices.

    2. Breeding environment: Young flame turtles can be reared in flat-bottomed containers, plastic basins, plastic tanks, glass tanks or boxes, and aquariums are all suitable. Each young turtle should have five liters of water space, and the water depth should not exceed the length of the turtle body, so that the turtle’s feet can support the ground when it comes to the surface to breathe. At the same time, they must also be made of bricks, stone pieces or purchased for terraces so that the turtles can bask. Floating islands are not suitable because young turtles often cannot climb up. The water temperature that young turtles can adapt to is about 23-28 degrees Celsius. When the weather is cold, the air above the container should also be warmed up. Adding a cover lamp to the breeding tank will have the best of both worlds. If the water temperature is still too low, you can set a heating rod in the water to adjust the temperature as much as possible. In fact, it is recommended that when buying a breeding container, taking into account the faster growth of turtles, buy a larger one, which can be enough for adult life and avoid changing the breeding box.

    3. Feeding method: Flame tortoise has a wide range of food habits, namely, eating animal feed and also eating plant feed. Its delicious bait is small fish, mussel meat, snail meat, earthworms and so on. In some farms, in order to reduce the cost of feeding, you can also feed some grains such as corn, sorghum, millet and so on. However, it is recommended that you feed yourself mainly with animal feed, supplemented by cereal feed, to ensure the normal development and health of flame turtles. From June to September each year is the peak period of feeding activities, and the rate of weight gain is the fastest. Therefore, sufficient and better quality feed should be provided for these 4 months to allow them to eat more and grow faster. Also pay attention to adding a variety of vitamins, trace elements and calcium to the feed, and feed it on time at 10 am and 5 pm every day. The feed should account for about 20% to 30% of its body weight. In order to keep the pool water clean, the pool water should be replaced frequently, generally every 7 days in spring and autumn, and every 3 days in summer.

    Is Flame Turtle easy to raise?

    Generally speaking, the flame tortoise is a kind of turtle that is easier to keep. As a kind of colored tortoise, the flame tortoise, like the Brazilian tortoise, grows faster and needs to eat a lot of food. It is a favorite for eating and drinking. For the turtle species completed in the water, the maintenance of the water quality of the flame turtle is particularly important. Therefore, when raising the flame turtle, you can choose some containers that are more convenient to change the water, which can save a lot of trouble.

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