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    Foxface Rabbitfish are gentle and can be mixed raising. They have gorgeous colors and beautiful posture. It has a very high ornamental value, so how to raise Foxface Rabbitfish?

    Pour the fish and add oxygen to the packaging of the Foxface Rabbitfish just bought home. Do not pour it in directly. Put it in the aquarium with the package. Open the fish 20 minutes later. Let off the gas bit by bit. Do not sprinkle all the gas at once. Some fish will not adapt to it and lead to illness and death. After opening, slowly pour into the aquarium and stop feeding for 2 days.

    The water temperature. The Foxface Rabbitfish are sea water fish. The raising temperature is higher than that of freshwater tropical fish. They are very sensitive to the change of water temperature and can adapt to a narrow range of temperature changes. The sea water temperature in the aquarium should be controlled at 27-28 degC.

    The pH value of water and the pH value of sea water in aquarium should be kept between 8.0-8.5. The pH value will directly affect the normal activities of marine fish after they are raised in aquarium, so they should be replenished in time.

    Tank filtration equipment. Filtration equipment can keep the water clear, make the water stable and reduce the number of water changes. It can also absorb all kinds of granular dirt and soluble organic matter mixed in the water, remove the feces and other pollutants in the water, make the oxygen sufficient and there is no harmful substance in the water, which is suitable for the growth of Foxface Rabbitfish.

    Change the water. There is a perfect water quality circulating filtration system. The water in the aquarium does not need to be changed frequently. Generally, 1/5 – 1/4 of it can be changed every month.

    Food. Foxface Rabbitfish feed to algae; Artificial feeding can be fed fresh plant bait and kelp, seaweed, coral, etc.

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