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    Maltese dog, is a real “noble dog”. This is because it has a beautiful and hard to care for white hair. The Maltese dog is fed in a simple way, that is, time and patience.

    1. Food. To ensure the luster and elasticity of the dog’s hair texture, it is necessary to prepare more high protein food for the dog every day, and supplement enough vitamin E, vitamin D and other nutrients. In addition to dog food, meat, dry ingredients and other food, you can also prepare some seaweed food, fresh vegetables and so on. In addition, each character can properly give the dog a little bit of the animal’s liver, which is very beneficial to the health of the Maltese dog’s hair. When feeding food, you should master the quantity. If you supply too much food, it will become fat and stupid. In life, we should not allow them to be arrogant or overindulged, otherwise, we will form a bad habit of refusing to listen to the master’s orders.

    2. Grooming. It has to be said that the Maltese dog is more suitable for the elderly with more time, because it needs people to spend more time to take care of it. Every day, it needs to use the hair care agent with the comb from top to bottom to wash it, so as to keep the coat smooth and smooth. In the bath to dry as much as possible, so as not to hair for a long time of moisture leading to dermatitis. The shampoo for bathing should be special for dogs, and the appropriate one should be selected according to the texture of the dog’s hair. For example, sterilization type, moisture type and so on. If the hair texture is too fluffy and dry, it should be moistened or cured. In addition, the hair of marcis is mostly pure white, so bleached shampoo is also a standard for selection.

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