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    The pencilfish is one of the small ornamental fishes. It is produced in the middle and lower reaches of the Amazon River in South America. It has always been a very popular fish species. Its straight body, like a pencil, has been loved by many aquarists. The pencilfish has a long body shape. Shuttle shape, with straight black lines on both sides of the body from the cheek to the tail, making the pencil fish shape straight and slender.

    Different types of pencil fish have certain differences in color; zebrafish (details) like group swimming, chasing and playing with each other. When tired, they will float in the water motionlessly to maintain balance and make people look It looks like a straight pencil, which is the origin of the name of the pencilfish.

    It is not difficult to raise a pencilfish. The pencilfish lives in a fresh water environment. The temperature requirement is 24~28℃. It likes a soft water environment. The PH value is about 6.5 and the water hardness is 4-5GDH. Because of its small size and small group swimming fish, multiple fish can be raised in one tank, and the number of fish depends on the size of the tank. The requirements for things are not high, the general fish feed is enough, but when feeding, be careful not to feed too much at a time, let the feed sink to the bottom, if there is uneatable feed, remember to fish out in time, so as not to damage the water quality.

    1. Striped pencil fish

    It is 18 cm in total length and has a long body shape. The front of the body is relatively thick and round, the back is slightly flat, the back edge is shallowly curved, the abdomen is round, the head is short, and the mouth is protruding. The body is brightly colored with 3 longitudinal stripes, the stripes are arranged parallel to each other, the base of each fin is red, and the color of the caudal fin is vermilion.

    Distributed in the Amazon Basin of the Americas, Guyana. The water quality is neutral or weakly acidic, with a PH value of 6.4 to 7.0. The most suitable water temperature is 22~27 degrees Celsius. Omnivorous, especially like to eat moss and water plants, prefer live food.

    2. Red fin pencil fish

    Body-spindle, tail-fork-shaped, 4-6 cm long, with three black stripes from beginning to end. Feeding characteristics: easy to feed, lively temperament, can be mixed with other small fish. It is suitable for 22-28 degrees of weak acidic soft water, like group activities, bait mainly live food.
    The age of sexual maturity is 6 months, the male fish has marital color and narrow body, the female fish has lighter body color, and the abdomen is swollen. It requires 26-28 degrees and hardness of 3-5 degrees in the water. Put the glass ball, the incubation period of fertilized eggs is generally 2 days.

    3. Brown Pencilfish

    It belongs to the carp family and looks like a standing pencil. It often moves upright on the surface of the water. It is very interesting when a group moves together. Sensitive to changes in water quality. Place of origin: Brazil, Guyana.

    4. Red Arc Pencilfish

    It is a subspecies of the small three-line pencil and was discovered in 1954. The biggest feature is that the male fish will have a red broadband zone between the first black line and the second black line. These two black lines extend from the fish’s mouth through the eye to the base of the tail fin, and the third black line It extends from the mouth of the fish to the base of the posterior half of the anal fin. The flame pencil anal fin does not have a black leading edge, but the last fin strip of the anal fin and the trailing edge of the anal fin are black. The dorsal fin is black and the tip is red. The leading edge of the male dorsal fin is white. The ventral fins are also black, making these places look dark.  

    The Red Arc Pencilfish has a mild temperament, but is very aggressive among the same species. It is advisable to keep more than 6 fish in the tank. It can be mixed with other docile small fish. The requirements for water quality are not high, but pay attention to the light in the aquarium.

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