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    Reeves’ Turtle is regarded as a symbol of longevity in China, with auspicious implication. In ancient times, tortoises were auspicious animals to ward off evil spirits. The ancients used to worship tortoises, but now people also regard them as auspicious things. How to raise a Reeves’ Turtle?

    The water quality of a Reeves’ Turtle life should be fresh, with a transparency of about 30cm. Turtle is a variable temperature animal. The change of water temperature will directly affect the change of turtle body temperature. Therefore, the water depth will increase or decrease with seasons. In spring, the temperature is lower and the water is shallower; in summer, the temperature is higher and the water is deeper; In autumn, the water temperature gradually drops and the water is shallower; in winter, the water level should be stable. Because the body temperature of tortoise changes with the change of temperature and water temperature. If the temperature drops sharply and the water level is high or low, tortoise can only use the accumulated nutrients to regulate the body temperature. When the nutrients in the body are exhausted, the turtle will die. It is better to use the tap water that has been dried for more than 2 days. It is recommended to change the water once every two to three days. As long as one part of the water is changed at a time, it is not necessary to change the whole cylinder. Unless the water and the surrounding of the cylinder are very dirty, it is necessary to change the whole cylinder. When part of the water is changed, the dirty water at the bottom is sucked out by using the siphon principle of a plastic small pipe, and then new water of the same capacity is added. In addition, the filter can stabilize the water quality.

    2. Food. Reeves’ Turtle belong to omnivorous animals. Not only eat animal feed, such as small fish, shrimp, snails, mussels, earthworms, maggots, leftovers of livestock, but also eat plant feed, such as tubers, vegetables, grains, aquatic plants, etc. Family feeding generally feeds the liver of pork, beef, shrimp, small fish, poultry and fish. These foods need to be chopped or shredded, but these animal feeds are very easy to pollute the water quality. Novices suggest feeding with good quality food. The feed is more worry free, and the professional turtle feed has better nutrition matching, and it is not easy to pollute the water quality. In summer, the temperature is high and turtle metabolism is fast. It can be fed once a day. However, it is generally recommended to feed once every two to three days. Turtles do not need to feed too frequently. It is OK to feed once a few days. As long as sufficient water supply is ensured, they will not eat for half a month. The amount of turtle feeding each time is generally the size of their head.

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