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    The most distinguishing feature of the Self Red Guinea Pig is that he has a beautiful, dense red hair. His personality is very docile and well-behaved, pleasant, easy to raise, small and exquisite individual does not take up space, and is still a common household pet.

    Its ancestors came from the Andes of South America. It was brought to the West by European merchants in the 16th century. At that time, people liked this small animal and kept it as a pet.

    Morphological characteristics of Self Red Guinea Pig

    The Self Red Guinea Pig is famous for its innate good personality and its charming red hair. The ideal Self Red Guinea Pig’s body length should be 22-34cm, and the ideal weight should be 400-700g.

    The size of the Self Red Guinea Pig is short, thick and round, with a large head, large round and bright eyes, round but not large ears, split upper lip; short limbs, four toes forefoot, three toes on hind feet, and no outer tail. It looks like a meat ball, and many people have an impression of him at first sight.

    Living Environment of Self Red Guinea Pig

    When you are complaining about not being able to raise a pet dog or cat, or the space in your home cannot meet their activity requirements, you can consider raising a Self Red Guinea Pig. They do not occupy space and are not difficult to raise. At the same time, preparing a nest that can accommodate the Self Red Guinea Pig is the most basic.

    The Self Red Guinea Pig can live as long as 10 years. Be a gentle guinea pig! It is chubby, awkward and cute. Although it is a rat, it is more attractive than a traditional rat. The personality is very docile, unless it is anxious, otherwise it will seldom bite (you should know that rabbits bite when anxious).

    Its price is not high, and it does not require professional breeding equipment. As long as you prepare a suitable size cage, supply fresh water and food every day, play with it frequently, and clean the nest regularly, it can grow up healthy and happy. The raised one will come out to greet you when you come home from get off work, and will come to you and ask you for food.

    Breeding Knowledge of Self Red Guinea Pig

    The Self Red Guinea Pig will not bite people under normal circumstances, unless you deliberately tease him, he has the same habit of grinding teeth with all rats, because the Self Red Guinea Pig’s teeth are constantly growing for life and must be constantly worn to Ensure health.

    The life span of a Self Red Guinea Pig can be as long as 10 years. It is a vegetarian and has no special requirements on food. It has a strong body and is not easy to get sick. It is very smart. If you treat it well, it will recognize you and play with you. It is medium in size, not too small like a mouse, nor does it grow to a large size like a rabbit. It is more suitable for playing in the hand (about 15-20 cm). It is awkward and cute, unlike a mouse or squirrel, which cannot be caught once it runs. It is very suitable for children or the elderly.

    If a Self Red Guinea Pig has been comfortably hugged since childhood, it will be very cooperative with human intimacy when it grows up, and will not bite or scratch. They are shy and timid towards the outside world, and rarely attempt to escape from the cage, even if the cage door is open, they will not go out by themselves. After getting acquainted with the owner, when the owner approaches the cage, they will make a whistle; if they hear the rustling of plastic bags or the opening of the refrigerator door, they know that the owner is about to feed, and they will also make a whistle.

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