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    The Silver Shark has a mild and lively temperament. Its body surface is silvery white, and the edges of its ventral, caudal and dorsal fins are black. Silver sharks are strong, well built and easy to raise. Under natural conditions, silver sharks can grow up to 40 cm. Their bodies are streamlined with spinning shuttle, big eyes, and they are very spiritual. Their bodies are natural and elegant. They are the favorite fish of fish fans. How to raise the Silver shark? What do silver sharks eat?

    Feed and feeding method: live bait, red worm or general feed (elvish feed) can be fed during feeding, with a mixed diet but partial to plant feed. Suitable for mixed breeding: silver dragon, parrot, map, double line. Generally speaking, the abdomen of male adult is flat, and the abdomen of female adult is slightly curved. Reproduction is very difficult, and there is no precedent for successful reproduction in aquarium.

    Silver sharks are strong and easy to raise. When the fish is small, it can be raised together with other small fish. The adult fish should be raised alone or mixed with the fish of the same size. The fish likes soft water with weak acid to neutral, suitable for water temperature of 24 degC-28 degC. This fish swims fast and lively. It likes to jump, so aquarium should be covered. Silver shark is very suitable for beginners who just contact with ornamental fish.

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