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    The Banded Archerfish live in the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. They can rotate their eyes and keep a close eye on their prey. They can also overcome the refraction problem by shooting water droplets out of the water trough in their mouths and prey on the surface of the water. The range can reach one meter. It can be mixed cultured with mild temperament. It can be cultured in fresh water or salt water.

    The temperature. Raising of the Banded Archerfish require a large and deep aquarium. The water temperature is 25 degC-30 degC, and the water quality requires a pH value of 7.6-8 alkaline soft water. The water needs to be added with trace salt to simulate the semi salty and semi fresh water environment in which they live.

    Food. Banded Archerfish like to eat animal bait, especially the living small insects such as flies, mosquitoes, spiders, moths, butterflies, etc., are all the targets of the water jet fish.

    The fish tank for breeding. Beeding of Banded Archerfish should be larger as far as possible, and there should be no floating aquatic grass in the water for breeding. After breeding and spawning, the water jet fish should be isolated as soon as possible to prevent swallowing floating eggs.

    The water-proof baffle. The Banded Archerfish can jump out of the water, so the selected water-proof baffle should be transparent and flexible. It is recommended to use the method of throwing food directly on the water at ordinary times, and do not lure them to jump and spray water without any reason. If the domestication is successful, sometimes you can open the top cover, put the insects on the sticks and hang them over the aquarium, and let them perform the action of shooting or jumping to eat. The main food of the fish is the bread bug which is cultured artificially or the living insect which is caught in the wild. In winter, it can be fed to the small miscellaneous fish or the small cheap ornamental fish.

    It is believed that you have a simple understanding of the feeding skills of Banded Archerfish. In the case of artificial feeding, water jet fish can grow to more than 10 cm in general.

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