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    Most of the Plectranthias fish are daily fishes, most of them are benthic fish species, and they have domain and mimic behavior. Some of them feed on fish, shrimps, crabs, amphipods, etc. Anthos was once a fierce predator, but now it has become a pet for aquarium lovers and has become common in daily life.

    Plectranthias fish are usually up to 5 cm in the aquarium. They are bright in color and easy to keep. They are usually very mild, but they are territorial. It is best to put several flower barbs in a tank at the same time to reduce fighting. They are shy and need enough hiding places. Plectranthias fish will spend most of its time at the bottom of the rock, waiting for delicious food to come. It is very suitable for feeding in a coral tank.

    It will eat some small shrimp or snails, but it will not harass corals or anemones. It can be mixed with small ornamental fish, but may be eaten by large fish. It is best to raise them individually. If the tank is large enough, they can be raised in pairs and mixed with other more powerful fish. It can be fed with various animal foods, such as marine fish and mycelium shrimp.

    The color of the Plectranthias fish is bright and changeable, and it has the phenomenon of the color of male and female and the change of female to male. Part of the serrata is very easy to raise and can accept various artificial feeds. But when they were first introduced, they would be timid and emotionally unstable. If the aquarium is too small or there are no hidden caves, they can easily die nervously. Pay special attention to this point.

    It is recommended to use an aquarium with a capacity of more than 200 liters and provide a large number of rock caves. They are more fierce, the killing of each other is very obvious, you can not keep two at the same time. If the nutrition of the bait is insufficient, the flower bark will have a problem of discoloration. It is best to provide them with frozen squid and shrimp.

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