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    In the ornamental fish, the character of Xiphias gladius is relatively mild, so it can be mixed with many tropical fish. Because the Xiphias gladius is red, many people like it very much, but its life is more than two years, as for how to raise the Xiphias gladius, there are many points to pay attention to. It’s a science from the beginning to breeding.

    1. The size of the fish tank depends on the number and size of the Xiphias gladius. Try to make the fish have more space for activities. When raising the Xiphias gladius, the water temperature should be controlled at about 25-28 degC.

    2. The Xiphias gladius just bought in the tank for the first time can be fed after getting used to the new environment. Generally, put the fish in the water tank for half a day. If the fish start to peck at the sand laid on the wall or bottom of the tank, it means that they can start feeding, but pay attention to what the Xiphias gladius eats.

    3. When the temperature is high, the Xiphias gladius will lack oxygen. When there is lack of oxygen, the Xiphias gladius will concentrate on activities near the water surface. At this time, it can turn on the oxygen machine to supply oxygen. If there is no oxygen machine, it can change some water for the fish, find a suction pipe to suck away the dirty things at the bottom of the tank, and change 1 / 3 or 1 / 2 of the water. Too much change will make the fish not adapt. The clear water does not mean the water If there is oxygen, try not to touch the fish when absorbing water or adding water, so as not to hurt the fins of the fish.

    4. Xiphias gladius usually belongs to the lively and active type, and its temperament is quite mild, so it can be mixed with other tropical fish species. The tail of Xiphias gladius is good-looking, but they also like to chase and bite themselves, often biting their own tail bad, so it’s better not to raise other aggressive fish, such as tiger skin fish, to raise Xiphias gladius.

    5. You can feed Xiphias gladius with professional fish food. You can also eat breadcrumbs. Xiphias gladius is not very choosy. However, it should be noted that some fish refuse to eat when they change their environment. Therefore, they should feed the feed they like, which can balance artificial feed and living feed. Pay attention to the quantity and avoid the leftover residue, because the residue will corrupt and damage the water quality.

    6. The male and female of Xiphias gladius should be divided into two groups. The Xiphias gladius distinguishes the male and the female by looking at the tail: the one with a sword is male, and the one with a round tail is female. The tail of a small fish is round. As it grows up, the male fish will grow with a sword.

    7. Female Xiphias gladius is produced once every 4-6 weeks, which is influenced by the age of female and the proportion of male. It can produce 30-300 larvae at a time. During reproduction, it should be noted that no more than two generations of fish should be kept in the same nest, so as to avoid the degradation of breed caused by continuous inbreeding, making the body of the offspring smaller and smaller, and the dorsal fin shorter and narrower. During reproduction, the temperature of Xiphias gladius must be paid attention to, about 1-2 degree higher than usual.

    Through the article, we should all know how to raise Xiphias gladius. In fact, raising it is very simple. We should pay attention to the diversity of feeding and the regularity of cleaning and changing water in daily feeding. Fish raising is also based on the details. We hope that everyone can raise the fish well.

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