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    The common species of zebrafish can be divided into ordinary zebrafish and large zebrafish. If it’s raised at home, it’s better to choose ordinary zebrafish. Among them, red zebrafish is the most popular. Its origin is Bangladesh. It’s red and striped. It’s a very beautiful tropical fish. Following will talk about how to raise red zebrafish How to raise the red zebrafish is very simple.

    How to raise zebrafish mainly depends on feeding. Red zebrafish is a kind of fish with a very complex diet. It is not picky to eat. Therefore, in feeding, it is suggested that the breeder choose red thread worm or fish feed, because it is not easy to damage the water quality, carry bacteria, and it is quite common, so it is suitable. It’s good to feed once a day. Less full feeding is the best way to keep the fish vitality and avoid enteritis and other diseases caused by feeding.

    No matter what fish we raise, we need a fish tank. The zebrafish’s body size is between 4-6cm, and the size of the tank is about 40x40x30. If it’s a new tank, we need to disinfect it before putting the fish. For the small tank, we can disinfect it with hot water, which is clean and free of any harmful substances. Disinfect it with hot water When it’s cold, you need to put a heating rod in it. After the red zebrafish is bought, you need to go through some boiling water first, and then slowly heat the water. After disinfection, you need to keep the water. The water needs to be exposed to the sun or dried for 2-3 days, and then you need to filter it, run it for 2-3 days, and carry out a water keeping process. When the air is cold, you need to put a heating rod. After the red zebrafish is bought, you need to go through the water first, and then you need to put the fish and the bag Put it in the tank for about 15-30 minutes, and then let the fish enter the tank.

    The next thing to be considered is how to raise the red zebrafish. The temperature tolerance range of the red zebrafish is not less than 16 degC, but it is recommended to maintain the temperature within 24-25 degC, which is more conducive to the growth of the red zebrafish. If you change water, you can change it once a week, without having to change water too frequently. It is better to put some easy to live ones in the water Water grass, let red zebrafish have a certain hiding place.

    Through the article, we should all know how to raise zebrafish. In fact, how to raise red zebrafish is very easy. The main thing is to ensure the water quality and the normal feeding of the breeder. It is still very easy to raise zebrafish.

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