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    Dogs are loyal friends of human beings. More and more people keep pets. So how can we understand the body language of dogs? Today, I’m going to teach you some tricks. The characteristics and original habits of dogs

    First: the ears are still working when sleeping in order to find the enemy’s movements as soon as possible, the ears are still working when sleeping. The dog’s hearing is very sharp, many people can’t hear the sound they can still hear.
    Second: Sensitive smell. Dogs have a sensitive sense of smell and can capture various information from the smell. After training, you can also distinguish the smell of different shoe prints.
    Third: Different ways of greeting. On the roadside, we often see two dogs meet, they will peep at each other and smell each other to observe each other. (also use smell to compete for position) < Fourth: Put your favorite smell on your body. When dogs find feces or dead animals. They usually go to smell it and rub it with their bodies. It is said that this is one of the habits of dogs.
    Fifth: The meaning of dog's barking is thousands of utterance – lonely and intolerable voice- calling companion's light- Joyful barking – threatening or warning barking forcefully – excited or alert barking – painful or fearful barking
    Sixth point: Residual wildness- Distant barking. When dog hears emergency vehicle or When the siren sounds, some will start barking. Barking contains a lot of information, which can be conveyed to distant partners.
    Seventh: Friendly expression – Lick face. The dog friendly expression is very different, that is, lick people's face frequently.
    Eighth point: we can know the emotions of dogs from their tails when we are grateful. When dogs wag their tails and wiggle at the same time, it means that they are expressing gratitude.
    Ninth: When they are afraid, they will clip their tails in their crotch. When they are scolded or meet more powerful dogs, they will droop or clip their tails between their legs. This is the dog's gesture of fear.
    Tenth: belly up when obeying. When a dog expresses submission or obedience, they will turn their body to expose their belly. It's also used when you trust the other person completely.

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