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    Generally speaking, the body odor of Pomeranian dogs is relatively small among all breeds, so many owners choose to raise Pomeranian dogs. But after breeding, we found that there are still some odors in Bomei. In fact, these odors are not from dogs, but from their bad breath and ears, which can be avoided and reduced by their owners. The bad breath of dogs is an important source of bad smell. Pay attention to the problems caused by dental stones. Therefore, the owner should pay attention to wash the dog’s teeth regularly, and effectively control the dog’s calculus, so that the dog can have a good breath.
    Dogs often have peculiar smell in their ears. In fact, as long as the owner cleans the earwax in the right way, this situation can be reduced. The existence of earwax can help the ear to fight against external disease sources. The color of earwax is white, light yellow and yellow. The shape of earwax is normal from powder, block to mud, but it must be cleaned regularly, or the normal ear will have bad taste. The anal gland is the most important source of dog odor. The anal gland can help dogs identify their identity. Because each dog’s anal gland tastes different, the most common action dogs do when they meet is to smell each other’s butts, in addition to kissing each other. In addition, when dogs live in the wild, they will leave anal gland fluid on the flowers and plants in the grass to mark the dog’s sphere of influence. But the dog living in the home can’t push out the extra anal gland fluid due to the lack of exercise and the reduction of muscle strength in the legs, which causes the accumulation of anal gland to block and swell. At this time, the anal gland will produce a bad taste, which will lead to inflammation, bleeding and even rupture. Therefore, when bathing the dog, the owner can help the dog clean up the anal gland by the way To keep the dog healthy.

    The standard Pomeranian dog should be full of beauty and vitality, full body and sufficient hair, gentle temperament, energetic when walking, and cheerful expression. It has a long shaft and a flat head. Pomeranian dogs ears only account for a small part of the head, the face is better short. The eyes are sunken and oval, giving people a small and elegant feeling. The chest should not be too wide. It should be in a straight line from the larynx and chest to the forelimb. Tail root is a little high, not too low, long thick hair should be kept in the middle of the back. Generally, the whole body hair is cut into a circle with scissors. In order to maintain good shape and tidiness, the hair should be combed with a comb and then trimmed, and the ear tip should be cut into a circle. The root of the tail is wide with electric shearing, so that the tail curls from the back to the ear. The claws should be cut short, and the long hairs on the toes should be cut short, which looks like cat feet. In a word, there are many ways to make a dog look good. Everyone can use the specific conditions, combined with the characteristics of the dog’s body shape, according to the requirements of learning from each other’s strengths, covering up defects and highlighting advantages. Please choose the appropriate beauty method to show your dog’s “brave face”, make your dog more beautiful, healthy and lovely!

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