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    Proper social interaction is good for dogs. Sometimes dogs will bite, bark and defecate at random, which is a kind of pressure. Treat yourself as the eldest dog in the family, and you will also think that you have the responsibility to protect your family members. However, some poodles feel that they are not competent for this job, so they will generate a lot of pressure, resulting in some bad behaviors.
    Removing the responsibility of dogs is one of the ways to reduce their stress. Let the dog know that the owner is the leader of the family, so that they will be relieved of their responsibilities and become relaxed. It’s a process for dogs to think that their owners are leaders. The common way is to “ignore”. No matter for the dog’s coquetry, or food are not responded. When feeding, if you don’t eat (in good health), take it away. Wait until the next feeding, and do not respond until they eat. If they eat, praise and encourage them.
    Don’t always leave dogs alone. You can make more contact with other dogs. Playing with other dogs can also help them learn a lot. And when they go out, they can also touch more people or objects. After a long time, dogs will not be surprised when they see strangers and hear noisy voices. Can better face these unfamiliar things alone, reduce the pressure of dogs.

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