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    What is separation anxiety? This kind of phenomenon can only appear when the relationship between the owner and the dog is very close. Because dogs are too attached to their owners, their emotions may change as long as their owners are away, and they tend to become restless, resulting in some destructive behaviors. So how to improve the separation anxiety of dogs?

    Diagnosis: peeping at the dog’s behavior, if the dog is only alone when all kinds of anxiety and trouble, it is likely to be separation anxiety.

    How to solve:
    1. Increase independence: do not encourage dogs to seek attention from their owners. For example, when the dog comes to play with the owner, don’t pay attention to him. Only play with the dog when the owner asks the dog to come. – encourage the dog not to be a follower, let the dog learn to spend time with toys. Don’t sleep in the same room as the dog. Let him get used to sleeping by himself.

    2. Reduce the impact of “separation”: only provide the favorite toys or snacks when the owner leaves, especially the kind that can pass the time, and use the method of establishing conditioned reflex to turn the stimulus that originally felt afraid into the stimulus that he liked. Do not give the dog clear information when the owner leaves the door, It can disrupt a series of actions before leaving, such as taking the key, wearing a coat, etc. At ordinary times, you can also use the action of going out for a long distance to wash clothes, so that the dog can no longer associate these actions with going out for a long distance. – When the owner comes home and enters the door, he / she should avoid giving the dog too many surprises. When he / she enters the door too much joy will only make the dog feel that the difference between the owner at home and not at home is too big, and encourage the dog to respond calmly. – When the dog owner is not at home, you can play some music or the host’s usual voice. – Start training from a short time away and slowly increase the time away when the dog is not afraid. If the host’s time is not allowed, family and friends can help train together.

    3. Medication: if the above has not been used, you can try drugs under the guidance of doctors. Drugs can only assist behavior training, not treat separation anxiety.

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