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    Pomeranians are similar to other breeds of dogs. In a few months, there will be a tooth change period. That is to say, if the baby teeth grow out after birth are replaced, the teeth will be harder. What do you need to pay attention to during the tooth change of your Pomeranian dog, will you have uncomfortable symptoms? How to relieve the discomfort of changing teeth in Pomeranian dogs? The replacement period of Pomeranian is about three to four months. The symptoms of Pomeranian dogs at this time are like biting things and biting everywhere. In fact, there is pain or itching on the teeth of Pomeranian dogs, so there is such a manifestation, which means that Pomeranian dogs have officially entered the replacement period.

    After the Pomeranian enters the tooth changing period, the teeth will be constantly loose, so the owner should put in more energy at this time. For example, he can prepare a dog bite stick for the Pomeranian, which can relieve the pain and discomfort of the Pomeranian’s teeth. The Pomeranian repeatedly uses this kind of thing to grind his teeth, which can slowly make the teeth fall off and grow new teeth, but remember When you have to prepare, you must be suitable for the Pomeranian dog. Never be too small to be swallowed by the Pomeranian dog. There are also the teeth of Pomeranian dogs, which are the same as ours. Sometimes there will be some deformities.

    For example, the teeth of Pomeranian dogs grow out of the way, or the deciduous teeth don’t fall out, but the new teeth grow out slowly. In this case, the owner should find out as soon as possible and help Pomeranian dogs remove the deciduous teeth in time, so that the teeth will be neat, If the deciduous teeth are not loose, you can take the Pomeranian to the pet hospital and ask the doctor to pull them out.

    If parents have time, they can check their teeth regularly during the replacement period, pay attention to the teeth in time, and contact the pet doctor in time to deal with the unsolved problems. Can let the dog grow a neat healthy tooth.

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