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    Let the dog watch TV for a while may be able to relieve his boredom for a long time, let the dog live alone, rarely interact with them, which will have a great impact on the dog’s heart. If you don’t communicate with the owner for a long time, your dog’s character will become more and more isolated. When you see a stranger, you will become very flustered. Some dogs will even suffer from depression. For those owners who are busy with their work, they should properly find some entertainment items for their dogs, so as not to make them too lonely and have a bad impact on their psychology. In foreign countries, some owners will let dogs watch TV to relieve their boredom. The program content of “dog channel” is simple, such as the picture of a group of dogs playing ball, which makes the dogs feel excited; or the picture of dogs sleeping, which makes the dogs calm down. Some programs take pictures outside the window from the perspective of dogs. “If you have to leave your dog at home every day and feel bad about it, it’s a particularly good opportunity to do something to improve the quality of life of your dog,” channel chief executive Gerard Neumann told ABC “Dogs who are alone for more than a few hours a day are more likely to feel lonely, bored, stressed and have behavioral problems,” he said. Watching suitable TV programs can make them comfortable, relaxed and sometimes excited Basically, it’s kind of like watching TV when you’re alone at home Catherine Haupt, a professor of animal behavior at Cornell University, doesn’t seem to like the channel. The key to getting dogs to watch TV, she says, is not the content, but the sound. “People used to put TV in their kennels and watch dogs react to it, but they didn’t seem interested in it,” Haupt said. “It’s a good idea, but I don’t think it’s going to work.”

    Or let the dog listen to the radio, she said: “from my research, cats are more interested in TV programs Dogs are only interested in sound. But most importantly, when you leave home, the dog doesn’t want to sit in front of the TV for a day. The most common thing they do during the day when you are away is sleep. ” Hopert said dogs who are often alone at home do feel lonely, and some suffer from separation anxiety disorder, which destroys their belongings. To solve this problem, dog owners can play soothing music when they leave home and draw curtains to make the dog feel safe. Neumann admitted that TV producers didn’t expect their dogs to sit in front of the TV and watch the dog channel. “We don’t want dogs to be couch potatoes like people, and we don’t expect them to watch eight hours of TV,” he said. “Music plays a very important role Dogs still do what they want to do as usual: sleep for a while, walk for a while. ” But the background sound from TV makes them feel not alone. It’s true that a certain sound will make the dog feel less lonely, so if the owner is worried that the dog is lonely at home, he can use a small radio to play some radio programs, or turn on the TV to play programs. When you come back, you should take some time to play with your dog. After all, the care of the owner is the most important thing for the dog.

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