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    Carsickness will not only appear in us, but also in animals. And the dog carsickness usually displays the state is the spirit is dispirited, uneasy, the massive saliva even vomits. It’s just that most of the trips nowadays need to be taken by car. So is there any way to relieve the dog’s carsickness? Following will introduce it.

    1. Try to make the dog face forward. The dog will be more comfortable looking forward than looking out of the window or behind, and will reduce the visual signal of nausea. It is best to let the dog wear the dog’s special safety belt, so as to ensure that the dog always looks forward during driving.

    2. The window is a few centimeters wide. In this way, the air in the car can be circulated and exchanged, and at the same time, the air pressure inside and outside the car can be balanced, making the dog feel more comfortable. Take care not to let the temperature in the car be too high.

    3. Cut off the food properly. A small piece of candy before going out. There is no experimental evidence, but many people find that this method can reduce the discomfort of dogs. Note: there is a risk in cutting off food. You must consult a veterinarian. Candy must not be chocolate. Chocolate is toxic to dogs! If the above methods still can not effectively alleviate the dog’s carsickness, then the following advanced version of the tutorial is needed: first, because dogs are not like cats, they are always interested in delicious food, so we can use this to cultivate their liking for riding. But pay attention not to give too much, too much will be more disgusting. Start with a short trip, and it’s better to go to a place of fun.

    4. A playful dog can give his favorite toy, which can only be played by car.

    5. Gradually increase the driving distance and the tolerance of dogs.

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