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    It is not only schnauzer, every dog will produce tears from the eyes, if excessive tears over a long period of time will form tears. There are many reasons for dogs’ excessive tears and long-term tears, such as food taste, body diseases, beauty problems, etc., while some special breeds of dogs are more likely to form tears than other dogs due to their physical structure. Knowing the cause of dog tears, it’s much easier to remove them.

    1. Diet. If the dog’s tears are caused by the heavy taste of food, the owner only needs to change their food to a lighter one. In addition, the owner should make sure that the dog has enough water, and do not let them eat the food on your table.

    2. Physical diseases. The following diseases will make dogs have tear marks: ear infection, nasolacrimal duct blockage, eyelid entropion, lacrimal gland inflammation. When dogs have the above diseases, the owner should take them to the pet hospital in time for treatment. As long as the disease is cured, they will not cry too much again.

    3. Grooming problem. Too much hair around the dog’s eyes will stimulate the dog’s eyes, so it will cause the dog to shed tears. This problem is easy to find and solve. Just trim the hair around the dog’s eyes.

    4. Dog breed problem. For dogs like Pug, it’s nasolacrimal duct curvature is large, even the normal amount of tears may not be able to load, thus forming tear marks. At present, the treatment plan given by veterinarians is generally to pay attention to daily maintenance, plus auxiliary drugs.

    5. Other questions. Now there are external and internal medicines to remove tears on the market. If the owner wants to use them for the dog, it’s better to consult the veterinarian first.

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