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    How to deal with the situation that Akita dog has bad breath? Akita dog is a omnivorous animal. If its mouth is not cleaned for a long time, it is easy to leave food residues, and then rot and breed bacteria to cause halitosis.

    What should Akita do if he has bad breath? First of all, if Akita’s bad breath is not particularly serious. It can be gradually improved by daily cleaning care. Prepare a dog’s toothbrush, enough toothpaste, and then stick with it every day. In addition, do not give it some sticky food in your spare time. Snacks should also be eliminated. On the contrary, you can prepare some glue and bone to let it chew. All of these can help to clean the teeth and eliminate the bad breath of Akita. Secondly, if Akita’s halitosis is relatively serious. And the mouth is inflamed and swollen. So it’s better to take Akita dog to see the dentist first, and thoroughly wash your teeth and clean the calculus. Relieve inflammation and swelling in the mouth of Akita dog. Of course, in our daily life, we should also pay attention to brushing our teeth. Give your dog some crispy food to avoid leaving more food residue in your mouth. You can also buy some bone biting and glue biting to help clean the teeth of Akita dogs, so as to avoid bad breath.

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