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    For younger dogs, first use dry cleaning powder to deal with the smell of urine on dogs. Some of them do it on purpose, while others do it on purpose. Some dogs are easy to get urine on their coat because of long coat and bad excretion habits. And some dogs will roll around in their own urine, which makes the dog have a very heavy urine smell for a long time. If it’s just touched by urine, it will be clear, so the remaining taste will not be too big, but when it dries, or even penetrates into the skin, it will be relatively troublesome to deal with.
    1. Bathing is the most direct way to bathe dogs. However, long-term taste accumulation may not be completely clear at one time, so it is very important to clean dogs regularly. However, it is not recommended to take a bath directly for those dogs who have not been vaccinated. However, these dogs are younger, so the taste should not be very big, so other methods can be used. For the choice of bath fluid, we should pay attention to the selection of dog specific, do not use our own bath milk, so as to avoid damaging the acid-base balance of dog coat and skin.
    2. Wipe the urine with a wet towel. We can’t wash the dog too often, so we can find that there isn’t much urine on the dog’s coat. We can wipe the dog with a wet towel first, and many wet wipes have fragrance, which can remove or mask the smell of urine. However, after wiping with a wet towel, you should also blow dry the hair, and do not let it air dry naturally.
    3. After washing, the hair must be dried by blowing. In fact, the cleaning effect of dry cleaning powder is not very ideal. Many owners dislike the smell of the newly bought dogs, so they take them home and bathe them. But the damage to the puppies is undoubtedly enormous. Bathing is very easy to cause stress reaction of puppies, and bathing is also a very energy consuming thing. The reason why many puppies are infected is closely related to bathing the puppies who are not vaccinated. So if you think that these dogs have urine smell, you can use dry cleaning powder to help the dogs temporarily, which can effectively mask the smell. It’s not too late to clean up the dog once it’s acclimatized and vaccinated.
    4. Corn starch. If it is only wiped with towel, it is difficult to completely dry the urine, and there will be a smell of urine after drying. So we can sprinkle some corn starch on the wet place to absorb urine. Then you can comb the coat with a comb, and comb down the starch stuck on the coat. This can not only ensure the dryness of the coat, but also reduce the taste. However, it is better to use a dense comb for carding, otherwise the starch will still stick to the coat, but it is easier to get other foreign matters. To prevent the dog from getting urine, it is necessary to train the dog to have a good habit of excretion. The coat should also be properly trimmed. For dogs that are not vaccinated, do not wash them with water to avoid catching cold. As for adult dogs, they should also dry their hair after taking a bath or using a wet paper towel to reduce the risk of skin diseases.

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